Find a Freelance Infrastructure Lead Engineer

  • The primary responsibilities of Infrastructure Engineer include the development, documentation, and maintenance of network policies, processes, and procedures. They focus on areas such as network design, data center operation, and administration. The engineer must have a good knowledge of network infrastructure, routers, firewalls and other relevant network protocols and concepts. The other responsibilities that come under the job purview include the following:

    • Design and develop a scalable IT infrastructure that benefits the organization
    • Take part in IT strategic planning activities that reflect the future vision of the organization
    • Introduce cost-effective best practices related to the needs of the business needs of the organization
    • Research and recommend solutions that circumvent potential technical issues
    • Provide high levels of customer service as it pertains to enterprise infrastructure
    • Review and document key performance metrics and indicators to ensure high performance of IT service delivery systems

    The candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, electronics, telecommunications or any related field. Some organizations prefer candidates who possess a master’s degree. Relevant experience in the field provides added advantages.

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