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  • Taking a look at who today’s draft picks impact on the Niners roster"The San Francisco 49ers were always going to take a wide receiver. The team hosted 14 players at the position. What was a surprise was the team taking two receivers. Here are some winners and losers after Day 2 of the draft.Loser-Every receiver not named Dante PettisIt’s pretty clear that Kyle Shanahan was not happy with the production at receiver last year. You can isolate the play from the quarterback. Simply put Mike McGlinchey Jersey , it wasn’t good enough. The addition of Deebo Samuel and Jalen Hurd give the 49ers much needed versatility and a shot of athleticism at the wide receiver position.Winner-George KittleKittle needs help. He was great last year, but it’s ignorant to think teams won’t change how they play him in 2019. The 49ers are going to need guys that can win 1-on-1. That’s Samuel and Hurd. That’s why they were the picks. I imagine any competent defensive coordinator would double Kittle in the red zone. This is where the draft picks come into play. It might not be right away, but this move will make life a lot easier on Kittle, especially if the Samuel/Hurd combo is as good as we think they are with the ball in their hands. That will force defenses to bring more defenders closer to the line, giving Kittle room to work between the 20’s.Loser-Jerick McKinnonWe saw what McKinnon can do with the Minnesota Vikings. We got a glimpse in training camp last year Womens Steve Young Jersey , but McKinnon has to prove himself as a 49er. The selection of two guys that are known to be terrors when they have the ball in their hands will takeaway opportunities from a guy like McKinnon. Shanahan knows what Matt Brieda can do. He handpicked Tevin Coleman after working with him in Atlanta. If one person is going to lose out on touches in the backfield after tonight, it’s McKinnon.Winner-Jimmy GaroppoloMan, I would have loved to see Garoppolo’s face Friday night after the team drafted two offensive players. Not just any offensive players, but guys that will make life a lot easier on Garoppolo. If Shanahan is able to scheme either or open, Garoppolo will find them. While the 49ers have good athletes at receiver Deion Sanders Jersey White , they just drastically improved in regards to receivers being able to create for themselves. One thing that makes Tom Brady next level is his underneath accuracy. He hits players in stride and lets them do the work. Garoppolo should be able to pad his stats with these guys. Quinnen Williams to the Arizona Cardinals at No. 1 has started to gain steam and not look like a sleeper pick. Both from a needs standpoint and a system standpoint, it makes sense for the Cardinals. Joe Marino at The Draft Network is one of those who believe in this possibility and in a recent mock draft he put together, he has the Cardinals taking the Alabama defensive tackle at No. 1. This, of course, leaves Ohio State defensive end Nick Bosa for the San Francisco 49ers. Here’s what Marino said about the Cardinals taking Williams: And then here’s what he said about the 49ers grabbing Bosa: The NFL Combine is going to be the place where Williams and Bosa can get separated. If both do well Mike Person Jersey , Williams to the Cardinals is more of a sure thing. If one does well while the other doesn’t, that will decide the No. 1 pick. Bosa still is a bit better suited for a 4-3 instead of a 3-4, but the Cardinals could decide to go with Bosa anyways if he puts up better Combine numbers. For all we know, Josh Allen could blast past everyone and be the No. 1 pick. It’s all on the Combine. A pro day wouldn’t hurt as well. Bosa to the Cardinals brings a lot of questions about system fit as he’d have to learn how to play in a 3-4 system. We’ve seen with some players this can be detrimental (READ: Tank Carradine). I’ve read some comments where some still think the Cardinals could take Bosa just so the 49ers don’t have him—that’s ridiculous. No NFL team is going to take a player just so another team let alone a division rival can’t have him. The Cardinals will trade out with a Bosa-needy team if they really want to jam the 49ers that way. That possibility aside, Bosa at No. 2 isn’t becoming so much crazy talk and is becoming a logical choice.