So how can Jagex not recognize that locking articles

  • So how can Jagex not recognize that locking articles, if it be buy RS gold cosmetic or not, behind a timed pay-wall doesn't come under the kind of a micro-transaction? Especially considering members that pay to perform the entire game can not get this exclusive content unless they fork out more money, or wait an undisclosed quantity of time. Becoming cosmetic items they don't directly affect the gameplay of the game, but this isn't the point, players that are already paying to play the game shouldn't be asked to invest more money to access content they're technically already paying .

    Jagex is not fooling anybody with those'partnerships' and the Old School RuneScape Reddit which fuels the games advancement choices directly reflects this. Many fans and players have taken to share their concerns, read more here. The silver lining of this is that Old School RuneScape nevertheless has its polling system, meaning that these'partnerships' can not be introduced to the game before at least 75 percent of the community agrees to execute them.

    The intention is to help bring more new players into the game, but players are concerned that new deals could prove a gateway to microtransactions.Jagex ran polls on every one of the planned partnership alternatives, but these polls have now come to an early closure. "You came to vote on your thousands, as well as the voting so far has sent a clear message -- and as such, we've made the decision to finish the questionnaire early," the developers say in a fresh update. "The results were so one-sided the results of the poll could not change."

    The polls were trending about 70% opposed to all of the proposed options. "We're disappointed that the reception to the blog has concentrated around monetisation in-game -- something that's not in some of our plans -- although we could understand your trepidation." Jagex says it believes in partnerships as a path for OSRS's expansion, but that"no in-game material for partnerships will be inserted with rs 2007 gold no survey." Last year's venture with Twitch saw Prime members awarded a month of free membership, and also the opportunity to change their skin color to purple. After the event, that purple skin has been made accessible to all players at no cost -- a process which Jagex states it will repeat with any future venture.