Glad to find out DP in Path of Exile

  • I mean, these changes completely destroy the slayer in case you are just flat out treatment of 100% increased life leech rate without a penny added in return.

    Could you maybe together with Val pact in POE Trade automagically with no downsides, or some variant of their? Then tune it down accordingly if it is to good?

    As it stands there's simply no reason to look at Slayer since from it's AOE to it's leech is gutted. c Aside form that defense still doens't work so while Buy POE Orbs you've removed instant leech everywhere, you haven't changed the largest issue with damage mitigation, that is certainly physical damage reduction or evasion.

    Pretty sensible nerfs throughout tbh. Glad to find out DP and RF will never be the only build played now. And it isnt "Path of Berserkers" anymore. That's the change i enjoy the most.