Marin State Cosmetic Dentist Explains the Significance of Retai

  • People are often amazed to discover that retainers are necessary when Invisalign treatment is complete. Dr. McConnell and group with the Marin District Cosmetic Dentist office strongly suggest that people hard wear retainers following the Invisalign aligner therapy phase is over.


    Though it may possibly not be noticeable, our teeth are constantly moving to some degree. This is correct whether or not an individual has gone through Invisalign treatment. So it will be required to wear an orthodontic retainer as advised by the Dentist once the Invisalign treatment is over. This can make certain that the corrected positioning is correctly maintained.


    Individuals who don't wear the retainer supplied by the Novato, CA Cosmetic Dentist must expect to recognize teeth starting to move relatively soon. It's also important to note that going with no retainer for only a brief period of time may cause teeth to shift, creating still another misalignment.


    Two forms of retainers can be found today: fixed and removable. Repaired retainers are permanently mounted on the teeth, while detachable retainers can be removed at any time. Equally types of retainers come with a set of benefits and cons. The aesthetic dentist will discuss both choices, while supporting patients choose which form of retainer will undoubtedly be most beneficial.


    Several types of position issues involve various quantities of retention. The Invisalign dentist is better ready to find out which retainer is most appropriate for each situation movers Petaluma.


    Now that Invisalign therapy is successfully complete, and that the grin is beautifully restored - it is time to look at a retainer as an ongoing period that may keep the smile wonderful! The full time, your time and effort, and the price of that lovely grin have already been spent - it is essential to guard all of the effort. An easy retainer will do exactly that; let's look forward to years and decades of an attractive smile!