• Why not experience trading at an advanced level on one of the world's most popular trading platforms with cTrader, while taking advantage of ClickAlgo's trader-centric solutions. The mini-trading terminal will allow you to trade with ease as well as submit complex order types.


    Advanced Order Features

    "Click on the Advanced Features Tab above to find out more about the complex order types" 

    The cTrader QuickFx trading terminal allows you to execute fast trades while at the same time easily switch between tabs to manage them. You can also create complete order types using such features as swing high, low, last bar high, low and even preview the order before you submit.


     "What the Customers are Saying"


    Without doubt the best ordering terminal I have come across on the market, due to the simplistic nature and speed of the terminal my daytrading has become alot more profitable due to the easy of ordering  as well as closing positions.  The advanced features make it alot easier to place orders with specific criteria based on the chosen timeframe the user selects. 

    I would highly recommend this to all traders regardless of experience but would recommend to beginners especially as this tool can stop the small mistakes that can make a good strategy/trader look bad and can seriously enhance the bottom line of your trading profits.


    cTrader QuickFx Trading Terminal Promotion



    1. Download the application file from the link below and unzip it

    2. Double click on the file you unzipped and it will automatically install onto cTrader

    3. Open cTrader and press F11 to show cBots and drag the cTrader QuickFx Terminal onto a chart

    4. Press play and the registration screen will be shown

    5. Send us the unique key via email and we will give you a trial license.


    "The Free Trial is for 15 days"


    Quick Trading with cTrader

    The quick tab is perfect for fast execution of trades where you have all the information you need to execute your trades. 

    cTrader Quick Trader
    Download cTrader QuickFx User Manual

    Download the PDF User Manual for the FULL Information



    The terminal has many useful features that will not be obvious at first glance, this section should help you understand how it will help your trading.

    • Easily change to another symbol while looking at same chart

    • Minimize the application to view as a widget

    • Risk is automatically calculated based on lots and stop loss

    • Adjusting stop loss automatically adjusts lots based on risk

    • Option to use Pips or fixed price for stop loss and take profit

    • Spread is shown which changes color when below 0.5 pips

    • Option to view Digital clock or depth of market

    • Current Volatility shown for the symbol

    • When you close the terminal all the settings are automatically saved

    • The Depth of Market (DOM) may not work with some brokers, please check on the cTrader platform first to make sure you have this feature.

    cTrader QuickFx Chart

     Position Management

    It is very important to see all your open positions at a glance, especially if you are not a full-time trader and have other work to do. The positions screen can manage all your trades very easily as well as minimize to a widget view. cTrader Position Management

    • Reverse Position – closes position and opens a new one opposite direction

    • Double Position – doubles the open position, same direction double volume

    • Close 50% - closes 50% of the volume and lets the remainder run, this can be done multiple times

    • Close – simply closes a position

    • Close Buyers – closes all buying positions

    • Close Sellers – closes all selling positions

    • Close Winners – closes all positions that have profit

    • Close Losers – closes all positions that are losing


    Advanced Protection of Orders

    The terminal provides protection in the form of a break-even with extra pips and a trailing stop which trails behind the current price by the amount of pips you set. You can apply the protection to a Market or Pending Order.

    When you create a Market or Pending order you can set the protection before the order is submitted. You can have both Break-even and trailing stop set at same time.

    cTrader Advanced Order Protection

    Typical Example would be a position breaks even after 10 pips with an extra 2 pips to cover set-up costs, then when the position is 20 pips in profit it will trail 5 pips behind the current symbol price and will continue to trail until the price reverses 5 pips and hits the stop loss leaving you in profit.


    Protection Key Points

    • Break-even with extra pips

    • Trailing stop with pip step

    • Add, remove or modify protection on open positions

    • Add, remove or modify protection on pending orders

    • Protection stored on local drive for redundancy

    • More protection features to be added on next release

    • Terminal needs to be running for protection to work


    cTrader QuickFx Voice Alerts

    Trading with voice alerts can be very useful when you are multi-tasking, sometimes having a friendly voice telling you a pending limit order has just been filled can be very useful. 

    The cTrader QuickFx terminal uses voice alerts in all trade activity, this can also be turned on or off.

    Read more about voice alerts with cTrader


    Adding Protection to Pending Orders

    Adding the advanced protection to a pending order is the same process as for an open position, you just select the order and click on the protection button, you can read more about how to manage pending orders I the next section.


    Multi-Terminal & Widget's

    The QuickFx terminal allows multiple windows open at the same time while using very little of your computer’s precious memory, this can be helpful when you are trading many currency pairs at the same time or wish to maximize chart space while managing open trades.

    cTrader QuickFx Trading Widgets


    cTrader Alarm Manager Dashboard

    Use the terminal with the Alarm Manager for a complete solution.

    The Alarm Manager dashboard is a personal trading assistant that carry out any number of automated actions such as opening, closing positions, sending email or an SMS message, voice and pop up message alerts. Traders can create rule-based alarms which trigger any number of actions. The software can notify the trader about events, carry out trading actions such as placing new orders or closing existing positions.

    cTrader Alarm Manager

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